HTS 3T MRI system

A modern and complete HTS 3T MRI system


Complete MRI system;

•HTS technology  without cryogeny.

•Extremely compact.

•Easy and fast  installation.


•User friendly software:  MRI - Fine Image.

•195um x 195um  resolution and improving.

•Digital spectrometer: SpecFIT Ultra.

•No helium.

•No faraday cage needed.


Superconductor BSSCO  colded at 25K.

•3T at 200A.

•10 ppm homogeneity 10  ppm at 60mm spherical diameter and 1 ppm at 45mm.

•5G line at 45cm magnet  distance;

•Energization time: 15  minutes

•Passive and active  shimming.

•Gradients: X=1.97  mT/m/A Y=1.99 mT/m/A Z=1.85mT/m/A.

•Occupied area: 4m(L) x  2m(W) x 1,5m(H).

•Energy consuption: 13  kW/h.

  • Pre-clinical ;
  • Neuroscience ;
  • Food analysis ;
  • Porous media studies ;
  • Material science ;
  • Agriculture.

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