High field Receiver Coil

Development of the high Field coil suitable for its application.

Receiver Coil

8 channel pre-amp box.

•Craddle under demand for sample support.

•Phantom included.

•Ready to use.

•Easy installation.

•MRI coil under demand

•Fast lead time.

•All parameters under  demand adaptable for equipment’s client.


8 channel phased array MRI coil.

•400 MHz operation frequency.

•Geometry decoupling.

•All channels with:  active ecoupling, Low-impedance LNA,  28 dB gain amplifier, Bazooca balloons and cable traps to avoid common noise

•Connector and cable under demand for any commercial equipment.               

  • High field MRI and fMRI ;
  • Pre-clinical studies ;
  • Neuroscience ;
  • Material Science ;
  • Rock core analysis.

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