Low camp Receiver coil

Development of the coil suitable for its application.

Receiver Coil

Transmitter, receiver  and both.

•Different nucleus,  application and sizes.

•High quality and  robustness.

•Whole probe or parts  (TR/Switch, LNA).

•Short lead time.

•Easy installation.

•Installation and test in  local or self installation.


1H, 19F e 31P or multi- nucleus.

•Solenoid, saddle and  others types.

•Q-factor, dead time,  sample volume, geometric factor adaptable for each application.

•Balanced or un- balanced; High and low power.

•SMA, MCX or BNC  connector.

•Easy access to tuning and  matching capacitors.        

  • Liquid and solids.
  • Seeds;
  • Solid fat content (SFC);
  • Fruits;
  • Food analysis;
  • Industry process;
  • Fuel, oil, biofuel;
  • Rock core
  • Polymers 
  • Rubber;

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