Payment Methods

The BNDES Card is a product that, based on the concept of credit card, aims to finance the investments of micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and individual microentrepreneurs (MEIs).

The BNDES Card can be obtained from MEIs and MSMEs (with a gross annual turnover of up to R $ 90 million) based in the country, of national control, that exercise economic activity compatible with the BNDES Operational and Credit Policies and that are up to date with the INSS, FGTS, RAIS and federal taxes. It should be emphasized that, when the company is part of an economic group, the total gross annual sales of the group can not exceed the allowed figure.

The BNDES Card is issued by financial institutions accredited by the National Bank for Economic and Social Development. Issuance is by means of partner credit card flags.

The holder of the BNDES Card will make his purchase exclusively within the scope of the website, searching the existing catalog for the goods and services that interest him, and following the steps indicated for the purchase.

The current financial conditions are:
• Credit limit of up to R $ 1 million for each customer, per issuing bank.
• Installment period of 3 to 48 months.
• Pre-fixed interest rate (informed on the homepage of the website

BNDES credit line operationalized by Financial Institutions.

Support financing projects for micro, small, medium-sized, individual entrepreneur or even freelancers who intend to acquire new machinery, equipment and vehicles, such as bus, truck, tractor, trailer, cranes, tanks, etc.

Operations worth more than R $ 10 million to finance investment projects may be carried out through direct, indirect, non-automatic or mixed support. Operations of up to R $ 20 million per company in each 12-month period for the financing of investment projects will be carried out through automatic indirect support. Operations, of any value, of isolated equipment financing will be made through automatic indirect support - BNDES Finame Products, BNDES Finame Agrícola, BNDES Finame Leasing, or via BNDES Card (see specific simulation).

Financing Limit
Up to 100% of the project value.

120 months, with up to 06 months grace period.

Financing line, created by BNDES and operationalized through accredited financial institutions, for investment projects.

Support for investment projects of implantation, expansion, recovery and modernization of fixed assets, as well as the acquisition of new machinery and equipment of national manufacture, duly registered in the BNDES portal, automation and even courses and training of personnel related to the project.

R$ 600.000,00

Financing Limit
According to the economic-financial analysis of the company, can reach up to 80% of the value of the project. The associated working capital may not exceed 50% of the total project value.

Up to 06 years (72 months) and grace period up to 12 months.

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