SpecFIT Ultra

Spectrometer for image analysis via nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR).

SpecFIT Ultra

NMR console  (spectrometer).

•Equipment brain (NMR, MRI and TD-NMR).

•FPGA based with Low obsolescence.

•High performance and compact.

•Transmitter power, reception and gradients adaptable.

•Software controlled  reception filter.

•30 channels for gradient  pre-emphasis.

•N shimming channels  according to user needs.


Transmitter: 0,1 us  resolution with 7 dBm max power.

•Receptor: 1 us / 14 bits  resolution, 100 MHz bandwidth e controlled gain from -20 to 22 dB.

•Optional 4 gradient  channel module from -10 to 10V.

•Fully digital (1 a 30 MHz).

•Front-end to work at any  frequency.                       

  • Magnetic resonance imaging for low and high field;
  • TD-RMN;
  • Physical and chemical analysis using low field (relaxometry);
  • NQR.

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