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High precision solutions using Magnetic Resonance

About us

Fine Instrument Technology makes and develops equipament and solutions using Nuclear Magnetic
Resonance (NMR).

Areas: Physics, Chemistry, Food, Pharmacy, Engineering, Electronics and marketing.

Qualified team for research and development and assistance (post-sale).

Partners and Supporters

Maintenance and Equipment Upgrade

Our electronics are digital and adaptable, so along with FIT experts, it is possible to update obsolete equipment without maintenance, reactivating them to operate as new. We give new life to that abandoned magnet.

Application Development Service

We develop NMR applications for clients in partnership with research institutions.

Development of Equipment on Demand

Permanent magnets, low field probes, gradient coils, automation.




Rua Laura Villani Piovesan, 130
Jardim Ipanema, 13563-652
São Carlos - SP, Brazil    


Phones: +55 (16) 3413-6047    
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